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MeshHire is a cloud-based Talent Community Platform designed to help recruiters and human resources professionals to promote jobs, manage referrals, get talents, and evaluate recruitment results with client's branded talent community. Microsoft Partner
MeshHire serves worldwide customers from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, providing the most comprehensive social and referral recruitment solution in the recruiting software industry. MeshHire's Employee Referral Solution helps human resource professionals POWER BOOST their employee referral rate by expanding your existing referral network to your employee's social media networks and beyond. MeshHire makes it easy to convert your employees into virtual recruiters instantly with our advanced referral tracking and referral reward management system. With MeshHire, you can:
Extend your Employee Referral Program across the social web
Turn your employees and social media contacts into virtual recruiters using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other popular social networks. Invite them to join your private branded job referral community, and encourage them to share your job listings with our referral rewards system.
Enjoy complete privacy and control over who sees - and who shares - job listings
Let your HR department spread the news about new jobs company-wide, or to just a few key referrers. Post tech jobs to the IT department, or alert salespeople to new job openings in their local market with just a few easy clicks. Plus, manage permissions for everyone involved in the hiring process so only the right people are part of your talent search.
Communicate with your members on our proprietary Job Wall
The Job Wall lets you manage the conversation about who - and how - you hire. Discuss, track and manage the hiring process, keep up with applicants from all of your talent referral pipelines, and collaborate with the employees and social network contacts who are helping you find them.
Automate the referral process with our multi-level referral tracking and reward management system
Post jobs across select social networks or your entire talent referral pipeline, and follow the response with just a few clicks. Reward the people who send you great hires (your own employees, or anyone else) using our fully customizable and fully automated reward management system.
Collaborate on the candidate selection process
View, rate and discuss resumes and build candidate profiles using our Applicant Tracking feature. Monitor and update the status of the entire application process with ease among all of the recruiters in your organization.
Increase the depth of your private talent pool
Never misplace a great resume again. Advanced search features let you organize information about the skills you need among an ever-growing talent network. Contact applicants, see who referred them to you, review applications and contact prospective employees (or groups of candidates) with a single click.
Measure results with one easy click
It's important to know where your best hires come from. See which job boards, social networks, aggregators, or employees are sending you the best leads on the most qualified candidates.
MeshHire offers the most comprehensive social and referral recruitment solution in the recruiting industry. Some highlights of our key features to help you build your own social network for hiring include:
Social Recruiting Job Wall Private Job Wall
Collaborate and communicate with everyone who participates in your hiring process on a Facebook-like status wall.
Social Recruiting: Job Referral Network Social Network Integration
Post jobs with ease across Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, and invite users to join your talent community. .
Social Recruiting: Talent Pool Network and Community Membership Management
Turn current and former employees, job candidates, and social network friends or contacts into virtual recruiters. Take full control of who joins your talent referral network, and how they promote your talent needs.
Social Recruiting: Referral Reward Referral Tracking and Reward Management
Optimize the power of relationship recruiting with a recruitment reward campaign. Track multiple layers of referrals intelligently, and customize your rewards for every job.
Social Recruiting: Private Branded Career Site Privacy Control
Control who sees, posts and shares job listings, and use fully flexible permissions to select who participates in the hiring process within your organization.
Social Recruiting: Applicant Tracking System Branded Job Pages with Social Network Integration
Let applicants to apply for jobs, join your talent community, and forward jobs to friends with full social network integration, all from your company's branded job page.
Social Recruiting: Applicant Tracking System Applicant Tracking Management
View, sort, rate, comment on, and search information on hundreds of job applicants using MeshHire's applicant tracking system, or integrate your existing Applicant Tracking (ATS) or CRM system with our existing tools.
Real Time Reports Source Tracking & Real Time Reports
Track the job click rate, referral rate, application rate, and community/network performance with one easy click.
Social Recruiting: Talent Pool Multi-Branch and Workspace Management
Oversee and administer the social recruitment process across different branches and workplaces with a single master account.
90% of active job seekers use social media at least once a week.
48% of active job seekers agree that interacting with a company via social media gives them a stronger connection to the company brand.
80% of passive job seekers use social media at least once a week.
52% of passive job seekers agree that interacting with a company via social media gives them a stronger connection to that company's brand.
Source: Personified, a division of CareerBuilder.

Social Media Facts:
Social Network Sites Facts
Social Recruit LinkedIn has over 85 million members in over 200 countries.
Social Recruit A New member joins LinkedIn approximately every second, and about half of its members are outside the U.S.
Social Recruit Executives from all Fortune 500 companies are LinkedIn members.
Social Recruit Facebook has more than 500 million active users.
Social Recruit On an average day, 50 percent of active users log on to Facebook.
Social Recruit The average Facebook user has 130 friends.
Social Recruit People who use Facebook on their mobile devices are twice as active on Facebook than non-mobile users.
Social Recruit There are more than 200 mobile operators in 60 countries working to deploy and promote Facebook mobile products.
Social Recruit Twitter has 175 million registered users.
Social Recruit There are 95 million tweets written per day.
Social Recruit Significantly more users are disclosing their location, bio and website information on Twitter profiles.
Social Recruit The number of Twitter users offering this information has doubled to 63.3%, compared to 31 percent in 2009.
Social Recruit In 2010, 82% of Twitter users provided a name with their account.
Referrals bring you better candidates
It's a fact that quality referrals lead to better candidates. MeshHire makes it easy for you to expand your employee referral network into a talent referral network for EVERYONE!
Take control of your company brand, and increase your brand awareness
Unlike other social network services, MeshHire gives you the full control to build and maintain your company brand.
Build relationships and interact with your network
MeshHire offers a wide range of tools to connect recruiters with their talent network and prospective job candidates.
Reduce job board dependency
Job boards are expensive and ineffective when trying to reach passive job seekers. Build a Talent Referral Pipeline with MeshHire, and cut your dependence on job boards.
Cost Savings!
MeshHire is the most affordable solution among recruiting products and job boards.
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